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Robots and Manufacturing Automation

Robots and Manufacturing Automation
Author(s) : C. Ray Asfahl
Publisher : Wiley
Pub. Date : Jun 1992
Edition : 2nd
Format : Softcover
ISBN-10 : 0471553913
ISBN-13 : 9780471553915
IE ISBN : 0471553913 / 9780471553915
Subject(s) : Computer Science & Technology / Engineering
Robots and Manufacturing Automation Second Edition C. Ray Asfahl University of Arkansas 55391?3, 512 pp., cloth, 1992 A Complete Guide to Using Automation to Boost Productivity This applications-oriented book surveys the wide spectrum of automated systems available to increase manufacturing productivity. It covers all aspects of automation including robots, numerical control machines, programmable controllers, computer controllers, and microprocessor-based automated systems. Technical topics are explained in an easy-to-understand style and illustrated with vivid images. Every chapter includes quantitative exercises or problems and design case studies to help solidify understanding of the material. The new Second Edition is now completely current in coverage, and includes a number of enhancements: Text expansion (approximately 20%) ensures complete coverage of the field. Careful changes have modernized the text and emphasize the most recent and widely-used automation equipment and techniques. Updated coverage now includes concepts which show how to design products to enhance automation and manual production. New chapters on Machine Vision and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) bring topic coverage to the cutting edge. The Robot Programming chapter contains new material on the AML Language.

This is a brand new International Edition. The cover may look different but the book content (in english) is the same with US Hardcover. Printed in original color on high quality paper. Everything is identical to US Edition.

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